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Best Private Pilates Studio in Santa Cruz

Pilates Two-Six is a private, home-based studio, located in the Pleasure Point neighborhood of Santa Cruz, just a few blocks away from the ocean. The studio is a clean, cozy setting, full of light, and opens up to a back patio for a nice sea breeze when needed. 

Santa Cruz Pilates is a system of comprehensive movement patterns, operating from one’s core. Core engagement, hip, torso, and pelvic alignment, balancing, and breathing are all central ‘core’ values of Pilates. This unique exercise technique helps to strengthen the low back, improve posture, firm and tone muscles, increase flexibility, improve coordination, and overall, give the body a healthy feeling from within. Pilates also serves as a proven rehabilitation method for those that are recovering from injuries.

One of the benefits of conducting your practice at Pilates Santa Cruz Two-Six is the private setting. The space is yours for the hour, so attention can be given to proper technique, rehabilitation of injuries, or simply getting a beneficial workout. We take into account each client’s physical history, and tailor workouts to accommodate specialized needs and desired outcomes. 

The space features new Peak Pilates equipment that is crafted with the utmost integrity. We have a reformer, Cadillac table, Wunda chairs, a spine corrector, and all props. We teach Pilates from a classical background, but are always incorporating new ideas and techniques. One aspect that is unique about sessions at Pilates Two-Six is the assisted stretching and muscle release techniques used, typically the last ten minutes of the hour. This is a wonderful compliment to a Pilates workout on the equipment.

Pilates Two-Six focuses on private sessions and does not offer mat classes. We know that reformer classes and private sessions can be expensive, so we strive to keep Pilates affordable for the average person. You will find that our rates for privates are priced lower than the going rate for private sessions. Check out Pricing here.

Joseph Pilates, original creator of the method always said, “in 10 sessions you feel better, in 20 sessions you look better, and in 30 sessions, you will have a whole new body.” We stand behind this pledge. If a commitment is made to take a session once a week, your body will feel and operate differently.

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